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Indian Cuisine : Take-Out
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Thank you for creating such a wonderful culinary addition to what Montpelier has to offer. By far the best food around.
From: Stephanie

Thanks so much Bhavna! The food was fabulous and so plentiful! We enjoyed the leftovers over the weekend. All the guests at our daughter's graduation party loved the originality of your dishes and were anxious to know who provided such a wonderful feast. I was able to enjoy the ceremony knowing the food for the party was all prepared and warming in my oven. Your suggestions made for a perfect variety of dishes enjoyed by young and old alike.

From: Sue


Thanks for helping us to celebrate our 40th anniversary! We ordered several vegetarian appetizers and breads for our party and everyone appreciated your wonderful food. My favorites were the vegetable pakodas, the samosas ( the best I've had in this area), and the carrot/cauliflower salad. I was so happy to have left-overs so we could enjoy it again the next day. This was my second time ordering from you and I am impressed and grateful your business is here in Montpelier! I look forward to my next delicious meal from Curry and Spice!

From : Domanski

my wife and i recently moved to vermont. while we love it here, the lack of good indian food is a downer. can you make a vegetable pecora and paneer tikka massala.that's our favorite with bismati rice.

From : Keith

Excellent Paneer Tikka Wrap (purchased from Hunger Mtn. Coop).

From: Steve 

Had first meals from you on Saturday. Have to say I am very happy to finally have great Indian food in this area. I'm from the UK where Indian food is the #1 take out choice and I've been pining for this fantastic cuisine. Thank you so much for a wonderful meal, we will be ordering again for sure!

From: Eileen

My Boyfriend's mom had got Indian Food from your place on Saturday..I should say.. That was the BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT FOOD THAT I HAVE HAD EVER... It was very Delicious..The spices and the taste was amazing..My favorite was the Chicken Biryani..I just loved it. I was just like what they serve at Weddings!! Awesome Job you guys! Keep it up..Also the quantity was very generous. I have never seen any restaurant giving that much food!!

From: Farzeen

Dear Bhavna and Raj,
Many thanks for a delicious meal last Sunday night! We shared each of the four entrees and loved the distinct textures and flavors of each -- and we saved the leftover sauces to use with our homemade dishes. Raj, you urged us to write with any suggestions we might have. We have just one: Our family prefers whole grain brown rice to white rice. I know some people prefer white rice. Might you give customers a choice of white or brown rice to accompany their meals?
Here's hoping your business is a great success. We have already started to help by spreading the word about Curry & Spice!
All the best,

From: Paul & family


I picked up my order this morning at 10 for my son and his girlfriend.  First off, we were amazed at the very generous servings you made for us!  She said that anytime she has ordered Indian food at any restaurants when she lived in CA or visited New York City or Boston, the servings were tiny compared to yours. She also said how it always tasted the same and not good.  She found yours to be very flavorful and authentic, and especially was pleased with your biryani.  Thank you and we are going to enjoy the leftovers, too.  

From : Mary

Thank you so much for producing such a high quality food for our dinner party tonight! It was an absolute hit! The plain paratha was a great suggestion.

From: Emily

Dear Bhavna and Rajnish,
My family and I were absolutely delighted with your Indian dishes; what a treat in Montpelier! Having spent four weeks traveling through India some years ago, I appreciate your authentic Indian cooking a great deal. My father has never tried Indian cuisine before but he has quickly become an ardent admirer.
From: Michelle

We ordered food last night that was so fresh and deliscious!!!! We are hooked!!! Thank you for putting extra prana into our food! We love it!!!! From: Rachel

We just had our first meal from Curry n Spice and feel compelled to comment on how carefully seasoned and delicious it was. We had the chicken shahi korma and the chicken dumplings, along with nan, and both were so good that we can't wait to try other items (and then get these two dishes again). Pickup was prompt and easy and we liked eating a restaurant meal quietly at home. Thank for a wonderful experience.
From:Helen and Vince

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the dinner you prepared for us last Thursday - it was absolutely delicious! It was the first time we ordered from you, but it won't be the last - keep up the good work!
From: Erin

The food was delicious last night and I wanted to tell you so.
From :Diane and Helene and the others who enjoyed it too.


Two guests and I thoroughly enjoyed the tantalizing smell and delicious taste of the Chicken Tikka Masala,Palak Paneer, Cucumber Raita, and Nan. This (plus the complementary rice) was plenty of food for four meals (one left over). Thank you so much for your quick, friendly service and good advice about what to offer! When the Seven Days article introduced me to your take-out Indian Cuisine at a reasonable price, I was very happy to discover another alternative to my own cooking!

From: Brenda

EXCELLENT Tikka Masala sauce. Thank you!

From: Lucinda

We loved the chicken tikka massala and the dal. Great to have Indian food in central Vermont.

From: Beth

Take out was delicious. We will be back. Chicken Korma and Chicken Tikka Masala was a hit. The matar paneer was my favorite. We'll be back!

From: Anna

Message: My daughter-in-law brought your delicious food for our 40th anniversary on Wednesday. The electricity went out during the evening, but we were
fine and happy, thanks to you!
From: Janet

Message:  We love your food!! 

From: Denisonde

We ordered a boatload of stuff to celebrate our parents' 40th Anniversary and the food was better than we hoped for such a special evening. Perfectly spiced, packed with care and clearly made with love, the dishes Curry & Spice sent wowed everyone.

From: A.B. Eno

The food was delicious, perfectly spiced, plentiful and reasonably priced. We're happy to finally have real Indian food in Montpelier!
From: Mary and Tim, Moretown

My wife's work took her to Montpelier last week and she thought we should try Curry 'n Spice for dinner. Given that the ride home is an hour and a half we wanted to make sure that the food would travel well for reheating at home. A quick call was all we needed to help us choose several dishes that not only traveled well but tasted fantastic.
The chicken vindaloo was phenomenal, the roti perfect for sopping up the juices and the mushroom matar (a recommendation from the restaurant) proved to be an excellent accompaniment to the meal. Thanks for a wonderful take-out experience!
From: Richard and Beth

The vegetarian selection is extensive, wonderful for a vegetarian. I loved the Vegetarian Makhani and the Palak Bahar (Chana) and the Paratha was delicious. The portions are generous too. Yours is by far the best Indian food I've had in Vermont. I'll be ordering more to take home for a Saturday night feast. I'm so glad to have found you. Please open a restaurant in Montpelier!

From: Victoria 

Hey Guys, It was really a super party & thanks to the delicious Indian fare!! I just loved the kebabs & currys.
Very authentic & very tasty, you will surely hear more from us & my friends.
The chicken 65 was a riot.
Cheers & God Bless 

From : Deepak

My party of 20 guests loved your food! They just couldn't stop complimenting me on it.
The pea & rice pulao, chicken tikka masala, aalo jeera, naan, appetizers, etc. were all very delicious. Couple of items that especially caught their attention were the Lasoni Gobi and the Mint & Coriander chutney/dip you provided with samosas.
Great work! We hope to have more parties! 

From: Elizabeth

Delicious! The husband and I were thrilled to find you, and the chicken tikka masala and matar paneer we ordered tonight were INCREDIBLE! We'd about given up on finding good Indian food in VT and are thrilled to find it in our own backyard. We will definitely be calling you again, and spreading the word to our friends! Thanks!

From: Rachel 


You're dishes are excellent!  We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Palak Paneer and they were both very tasty!  2 main dishes bread and the complementary rice are plenty for 3 people.  This is the best ethnic food I've ever had in Vermont.  I plan to order again soon!  Thanks so much for your delicious food!

From : Kerry

At last, real Indian food in the Montpelier area. And a large amount for the price. It will take awhile to work through the lovely leftovers, and then I will be back for more. 

From : Fred

The food tasted great! Of the 6 items we got, our favorite was the Pepper Chicken in Coconut Gravy. We had three entrees and had plenty of food for dinner for 4 plus lunch the next day.
I am not sure what consistency the chocolate walnut kheer is supposed to be - I was expecting something more like pudding and less like soup. It was rich and delicious, just more liquid than I was expecting.
Just one area for improvement - the containers are not very well suited to liquidy dishes. I ended up with a bagful of delicious Makhani gravy that I was able to salvage - it squashed out under the weight of the other containers. 

From: Amy